Quiddity places the highest value on the talent and ability of our people to offer expertise and empathy to our clients, while using the best of technology to make a positive change.

Now more than ever we need talented people from diverse backgrounds to help our clients navigate the complexities of the changing business world – people with the passion, curiosity and drive to do things better. In return, we’ll provide you with an exceptional workplace experience that will inspire and enrich you.

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    What Quiddity stands for

    • Positive, can-do attitude

      Our working practices are built around the fundamental belief that 'there is always a way'.

    • Integrity

      The quality of being honest, having strong moral principles and doing the right thing, no matter the circumstances.

    • Teamwork

      We collaborate internally to maximise our shared knowledge and bring greater value to one another and to our clients.

    • Innovation

      We thrive on opportunities to solve complex problems, improve existing processes and deliver breakthrough results.

    • Helpfulness

      Going above-and-beyond, anticipating other people’s needs before they ask for help and doing little things that make life easier for others.

    Team testimonials

    “Having a positive can-do attitude is a key step to unleashing your power to make a difference. When you believe that nothing is impossible and step out of your comfort zone to explore, learn and try new things, you will be surprised on what you can get at the end. At Quiddity, we pride ourselves in offering solutions to overcome business challenges, in an innovative way. We are actively looking for new technology and options that we can use and develop solutions for our clients, and utilise it internally to improve efficiency. The positive can-do attitude creates a positive culture where we are helpful, open to sharing knowledge and be innovative because we know that; there is always a way and the sky's the limit.”
    “To me, integrity is the foundation on which any strong relationship is built. It is about doing the right thing, even when nobody's watching. It is about being honest and trustworthy in everything that we do, and as a rule, treating others the way we would like to be treated. I see integrity in practice every day at Quiddity - when we communicate transparently with clients and each other, sometimes having difficult conversations because we know the benefit in the long run. When we admit our mistakes and use them as opportunities to do better, and most of all when we follow through on our promises and work to the best of our ability to contribute to the success of both Quiddity and our clients.”
    “Teamwork to me is knowing everyone on your team’s strength and weaknesses. We have exposure to a variety of different industries, meaning that at Quiddity there is always someone already working on a client in that industry that can provide advice on new clients or new problems for existing clients. This allows us to turn what would have been a weakness for a new client into a strength, as we hit the ground running and can easily implement new ideas to streamline their business, as we have with previous clients in that same industry.”
    “I believe Quiddity’s company value is innovation because we constantly strive to come up with new ideas with regards to processes with the objective of improving efficiency and productivity. In addition, we have a culture of innovation within the organisation as we encourage all team members to communicate any ideas so that we can explore the possibility of these ideas leading to improved and more efficient processes.”
    “Helpfulness in Quiddity can be described from two different angles. From the first angle, Quiddity is the place which provides a healthy environment for its employees, enabling them to grow both professionally and personally day after day. From the second angle, Quiddity as an accounting company gives its clients maximum security by keeping their books clean and highly organised and by providing them all relative information which helps them to make on-time decisions and to run their businesses with a maximum efficiency.”