The people behind Quiddity

Meet Our Leadership Team

  • Jasmin Romic

    Co-Founder & MD

    As a Co-Founder embodying our growth and innovation mindset, I'm passionate about our potential to continue transforming our industry.

  • Kristina Serdar

    Co-Founder, MD & GM

    With a specific focus on efficiency and quality standards, my work drives Quiddity forward as a viable, expanding organisation.

  • Katarina Vujic

    Operations Manager

    My key objective is to implement a sustainable support program for our services team to help them deliver on our commitments.

  • Viana Lo

    Group Finance Director of Client Onboarding

    I am committed to ensuring all our clients are set up for success and leveraging all that the smartest technology has to offer.

  • Rebecca Day

    Marketing Manager

    My work is all about ensuring our brand and message are coming across loud and clear. I connect Quiddity with our ideal clients and stakeholder network.

  • Dusica Djurdjic

    Divisional Director

    A united organisation achieves the most successful outputs. My work connects our Belgrade and Sydney offices so we deliver as one team.

  • Marija Markovic

    HR Manager

    I provide support for our excellent team as they support our clients. This focus ensures our customer experience is always at its best.

  • Marijana Bilic

    Quality and Audit Manager

    My role is to support quality and excellence across the organisation so that our team and our clients experience a top performing and accountable culture.

  • Nikola Vujic

    IT Manager

    My key responsibility is to equip our team with IT systems knowledge and fraud detection skills so they can continue to deliver effectively.