The people behind Quiddity

Meet Our Leadership Team

  • Jasmin Romic

    Managing Director & Founder

    As a Co-Founder embodying our growth and innovation mindset, I'm passionate about our potential to continue transforming our industry.

  • Kristina Serdar

    Managing Director & Founder

    With a specific focus on efficiency and quality standards, my work drives Quiddity forward as a viable, expanding organisation.

  • Katarina Romic

    Head of Operations & Partner

    My key objective is to implement a sustainable support program for our services team to help them deliver on our commitments.

  • Viana Lo

    Head of Client Onboarding & Partner

    I am committed to ensuring all our clients are set up for success and leveraging all that the smartest technology has to offer.

  • Dusica Vujic

    Head of Quality and Audit & Divisional Director

    A united organisation achieves the most successful outputs. My work connects our Belgrade and Sydney offices so we deliver as one team.

  • Marija Markovic

    Head of HR

    I provide support for our excellent team as they support our clients. This focus ensures our customer experience is always at its best.

  • Nikola Vujic

    Head of IT

    My key responsibility is to equip our team with IT systems knowledge and fraud detection skills so they can continue to deliver effectively.

  • Iggy Romic

    Head of Learning and Development

    I am dedicated to enhancing employees skills and helping them develop to their full potential while building a culture of continuous learning throughout the organisation.

  • Bojan Aleksic

    Head of Accounting Technical Support - Serbia

    My role involves responding to technical Accounting queries. The focus of my department is to ensure the highest standard of compliance for our clients and the best support for our team.